Meet Madison, the visionary founder behind Society 606, a trailblazing company transforming influencer marketing in the high-end hospitality sector. With a wealth of experience in the industry, Madison observed a gap in the market. Recognizing that luxury hotels and resorts possess unique value propositions, she founded Society 606 to tailor end-to-end creator campaigns specifically for high-end establishments.

Madison's innovative approach ensures that these luxury hotels execute creator collaborations with precision, offering a bespoke solution that maximizes impact without unnecessary budget constraints. Through Society 606, Madison continues to redefine the landscape, merging her expertise with a passion for elevating the influential creator marketing experience for high-end hospitality brands.

After over a decades worth of experience strategizing some of the internet's most viral and cultural moments, she's partnered with hundreds of brands across various industries, from Fortune 500 companies to newly launched startups, deploying influencer campaigns with the goal of scaling their digital marketing efforts and building their online presence while driving conversions.

With a proven track record, Madison is dedicated to shaping the future of online strategies and maximizing the impact of influential creator marketing and social media to her clients.

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While being a full time traveler herself, Madison is on the road for the majority of the year exploring a new city and/or country every few weeks to discover some of the most prestige establishments that the world has to offer, giving her endless inspiration for creative possibilities.

In doing so, prior to founding the influential creator marketing powerhouse that's now Society 606, she's amongst the first leading contributor's on the ground floor of one of the fastest growing influencer marketing companies in the space at the forefront of the social media landscape, leading the strategy and partnerships team taking the industry by it's horns.

Being a dynamic leader, Madison's expertise lies in empowering top tier brands to elevate their business and achieve unparalleled performance through strategic and innovative digital campaigns.

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